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The IRB-MON provides a universal solution for entrapment protection. One photoeye covers the entire spectrum of possible requirements for monitored and non-monitored photo eyes, simplifying inventory management and product training. The IRB-MON is an external entrapment protection device type B1, non-contact sensor for use with automatic gates and doors. The device is UL325-2018 compliant and suitable for use with both operators that require monitored entrapment protection and those that do not require monitored operation.

There are four monitoring interfaces:


1. Normally closed: Cycle power to the transmitter while monitoring the receiver contacts for proper operation.
2. Two-wire pulsed (2 freq): Provides 300Hz “heartbeat” unobstructed, 0Hz obstructed over power supply lines.
3. Three-wire pulsed (3 freq): Provides 300Hz “heartbeat” unobstructed, 2Hz obstructed and 0Hz failure over power supply lines.
4. Resistive termination: Provides a 10k Ohm resistance when unobstructed.


The long range and thru-beam features combined with the installer mode switch settings provide a flexible solution to all external entrapment protection needs. A robust, NEMA 4X enclosure provides the durability required for high-reliability entrapment protection applications. Lens-less design minimizes fogging and false triggering caused by small objects and provides for easy alignment.
Competitive Advantage
The major advantage of the IRB-MON is its flexibility; this photo eye covers the whole spectrum of UL situations.

• Non-monitored UL325 2018 compliance for the gate operators.
• Monitored application per UL325-2010 as applied to overhead doors operators.
• Non-UL installation.
Only one photo eye is needed to cover all these applications.
Technical Data
Operating range: Up to 115 ft. (35m)
Detection angle: 24°
Sensitivity adjustment: Potentiometer
Power indicator: Green LED
Detect indicator: Green LED
Mode selection switch: 3 modes, relay output, pulsed (3 frequency), pulsed (2 frequency)
Relay output operation: Light on/dark on selection
Relay output: Form C contacts (NO, COM, NC)
Resistive termination: 10k Ohm across NO contact
Power Protection: Thermal fuse
Transmitter power cycle: >300mS (for use in configuration 0 Monitored)
Power supply: 6…35 VDC, 12…24VAC (configuration 0-relay only)
Current (config. 1 and 2): 15mA (12VDC, includes TX and RX wired in parallel)
Current (config. 0): 60mA (relay activated)
Operating temperature: -40°F…170°F (-40°C…77°C)
Environmental: NEMA 4X
Dimensions (L x W x H): 2.3” (57mm) x 2.6” (65mm) x 3.7” (94mm)
Weight: TX – 0.35 lbs (159 g), RX 0.35 lbs (159 g)
Connections: TX-2 terminal, RX-5 terminal



UL 325  2018 NEMA 4X
The IRB-MON is a monitored, weather-proof, thru-beam infrared photoeye solution providing entrapment protection for doors, gates and barriers. The IRB-MON Safety Photo Beam is UL325-2018 compliant and housed in a rugged NEMA 4X enclosure suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


The IRB-MON addresses a wide variety of external entrapment protection needs due to its long range, thru beam detection technology and selectable frequency feature.


Benefits include:

Easy installation and set-up.

Robust: suitable for high-reliability entrapment protection applications.

Lens-less design minimizes fogging and false triggering and provides easy alignment.

Long operating range.

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ETL Listed gate operator product.
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