“I will not compromise quality,” I overheard Alex Parsadayan,
CEO of Maximum Controls saying to a customer.
This philosophy has produced machines capable of great things.


Maximum Controls, headquartered in Southern California, has over thirty-three years of experience in the design and manufacturing of gate operators, telephone entry systems, and other perimeter security products for the access control industry. The team of professionals at Maximum Controls has a long and successful history as sales leaders and industry innovators. For the past ten years it has been the sole focus of Maximum Controls to design the fastest, most secure, most reliable, and safest gate operators in the world.

Gold plated inputs and outputs, automobile grade electronics throughout, cold rolled steel frames, massive cast iron gearboxes, output shafts and mechanical release assemblies so solid and heavy they’re sure to last for years. Longevity at a competitive price—that’s the key. Please compare Maximum Controls’ features, warranty, and innovations when shopping for a product. Conceived as the next generation in Access Control technology, Maximum Controls has designed the most advanced gate operators ever built.

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