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Order zithromax overnight - Zithromax buy online review

Get Max Megatron FAST PRO Specifications & Installation Manual pdfs by clicking the download buttons.
Or, use the accordians and tabs below to read about features and specifications without leaving this page.

Order zithromax overnight - Zithromax buy online review

The Max Megatron FAST PRO is capable of opening gates up to 1000 lbs./15 ft. long (sold as dual only) Ultra-fast speed direct drive (no chains, belts, or pulleys) opens gate 90 degrees from 6 to 10 seconds based on weight of the gate and selectable speed control. The Megatron FAST PRO ships with AGM 7 amp hour battery back up enabling over 400 cycles in case of power failure. This operator is also compatible with existing installations and in most cases can be directly bolted onto concrete pads used by the most common gate operators in the industry.


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ETL Listed gate operator product.

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Specifications listed in blue are unique to Max Megatron FAST PRO

  • Max Megatron FAST PRO dimensions (18.3 W x 24.5 D x 21.3 H) 18.5 arm height
  • Heavy duty gear box 500:1 Size 80 for Megatron FAST PRO
  • Megatron FAST PRO capacity 1000lbs/15ft (sold as dual only) – gate speed 6 to 10 seconds
  • Large output shaft 3 1/4” diameter solid steel with cast iron clamping system for all Megatron
  • Direct gear drive (no chains, belts, or pulleys)
  • Mechanical and electrical manual gate release functions
  • Corrosion protection gold zinc coating
  • Continuous cycle at extreme temperature range. No overheating possibility
  • Intelligent ramp-up and ramp-down gate speed control for smooth operation
  • Shipping weight of Max Megatron FAST PRO (220 lbs)

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Specifications listed in blue are unique to to Max Megatron FAST PRO

  • Brushless DC motor equivalent to 1/2 HP AC motor
  • Programmable gate speed controls, 16 selectable speeds
  • Automatic gate position reset system
  • Gate sync feature provides automatic gate movement synchronization
  • Modular system design for ease of service
  • Switchable 115/230V AC selection
  • Adaptive DSP control for advanced brushless DC motion control
  • Real time performance analyzer and event log (OBD PORT and Black Box)
  • Low voltage wiring capabilities for remote power up 1000 feet (no battery needed)
  • Solar ready battery module with built-in advanced solar regulator
  • Intelligent power management system with energy saver mode
  • Built-in current limited 12vdc and 24vdc outputs
  • Gold contact input connections and automobile grade connectors
  • Selectable open timer 0 to 60 seconds with timer off option
  • -4F to 165F (-20C to +74C) operational temperature range including battery performance without needing a heater
  • Robust lightning protection up to 20KVolts and 10KAmps on all inputs and outputs (44 Channels) including loop detector input connections
  • Tunable 16 position safety obstruction sensor, auto adaptable to gate weight and size
  • Dual motor overcurrent safety shut off for additional protection
  • This operator has battery backup providing 400 cycles in case of power failure
  • Three modes of selectable battery backup functions
  • State machine design electronics with ultra-fast microprocessor
  • On board three button station

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Specifications listed in blue are unique to Max Megatron FAST PRO

  • High traffic intuitive loop management system for better security
  • Advanced security features with built-in audible and remote alarms
  • Magnetic lock control relay outputs with selectable delay times
  • Tamper alert relay outputs triggered “on” if gate is forced open
  • Audible alarm if gate is tampered with or ERD is triggered for higher security
  • Gate partial open recorder
  • Lockable cover with key lock release to prevent intruders and vandalism
  • Gate disable feature, disables all inputs with exception of the fire department input for high security
  • Builtin transaction buffer for high security
  • Gate status outputs for gate monitoring
  • Direct motor control of jog OPEN/CLOSE for manually moving a gate in case of emergency
  • Advanced anti-tailgate features to provide higher security
  • No need for magnetic lock with the robust output shaft and clamp design of the Max Megatron FAST PRO

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Specifications listed in blue are unique to to Max Megatron FAST HP

  • Adaptive obstruction sensor for much better gate safety system. 16 selectable sensitivity settings
  • UL 325/991 compliant Class I, II, III, and IV. CSA approved
  • Pinch arm protection design
  • Dynamic magnetic brake system stops the gate immediately to prevent damage to obstructions
  • Vehicle hit protection technology protects the gate operator from collision damage caused by automobile impact, avoiding costly repairs
  • Built-in advanced entrapment protection and alarm output
  • Built-in gate in motion alarm for industrial applications

In case of a technical difficulty, the Megatron FAST PRO has two manual release solutions. The first solution is the JOG OPEN & JOG CLOSE function. The JOG OPEN & JOG CLOSE function works by bypassing all Matrix-III board inputs, serving as a electro-manual release solution even when the operator is not getting AC power but is still relying on battery backup. By installing an external “constant pressure switch” the JOG OPEN & JOG CLOSE feature can be accessed remotely.

The second solution is a mechanical manual release of the gate operator. Simply unlock the cap with a key, remove the cap and lift the red handle. The clamp is now loose and the gate can be pushed open manually. Manually releasing the operator in this manner will trigger the ‘gate-tamper’ relay while simultaneously triggering the operator’s on-board UL buzzer. If the mechanical manual release is unauthorized, the gate tamper can trigger a security system. This is a high-security feature not found in any other gate operator.

Maximum Controls recognizes swing gates are more prone to vehicular collisions. For this reason the Megatron FAST PRO is outfitted with Maximum Controls’ clamping technology constructed with robust cast iron. The clamp grips onto a 31⁄4” diameter machined steel output shaft assuring maximum grip without the use of a shear pin/plate; allowing slippage in an event that the gate is struck while in motion by a vehicle. This prevents damage to the operator while preserving limit switch locations.

The Megatron Series implements 3 various gear boxes depending on the model:

Megatron FAST: Size 80, 500 to 1, dual gear reduction, high efficiency, cast iron gearbox.

The Megatron Series gearboxes are highly efficient, producing maximum torque, maintaining a low amperage draw by reducing resistance, providing super silent operation. The rugged cast iron housing, bronze gears, and double sealed heat-treated solid shafts have been designed by a team with over 40 years of experience in the gearbox industry.

High speed ball bearings and a synthetic oil bath keep the dual gear reduction operating flawlessly through extreme temperature ranges without need for belts, chains or pulleys which are subject to wear, raising maintenance issues.

We invite you to compare our Maximum Controls gearboxes to any of those used by other manufacturers.

The brushless DC motor in the Megatron FAST uses “Hall Effect” magnetic sensing to identify over five thousand precise rotational positions during 90 degrees of gate movement. That’s over 50 samples per degree of gate travel. Using this positional feedback, intelligent ramp-up and ramp-down of the gate speed is employed to minimize stress on all mechanical components.

We utilize Hall Effect Sensors to know the position of the gate at any given moment which synchronizes the gates to open and close at the same speed. We combine this technology with a dynamic magnetic brake system which stops the gate instantly when colliding with an obstacle.

Our brushless DC motors can withstand and operate in extreme high temperatures up to 165F (+74C); this surpasses any other motor technology we know of in the market today.

The brushless DC motor’s torque is equivalent to a 1 HP AC output torque motor and can operate approximately 35,000 hours, which is about 6 million cycles. This means the motor can last for decades to come. Maximum Controls stands behind our motors with a 5 year warranty.

Maximum Controls’ brushless dc motor control enables precision movement that traditional brushed motors can not replicate. For example, no overcoasting. This ability is crucial in bi-parting slide gates on the same track, as well as catch posts or columns that can’t be avoided.

Another advantage of precise gate control is the ability to stop instantly. In an emergency situation, this is critical. When a safety edge is struck, stopping on a dime to reduce risk of injury or damage to equipment is imperative. Our motor control technology is absolutely the most advanced on the market.

The Megatron FAST PRO’s power supply utilizes a 15 Amp torroid and power management board. The maximum Amp draw from the Megatron is 3.5 – 4.5 Amps depending on gate weight. The power supply is efficiently designed with ample headroom and is not overstressed under any extreme load or temperature conditions. The power supply input accepts 115V or 230V AC via selection switch. During gate operation the battery is not utilized while AC is present, preserving the life of the battery.


Input AC Power/Amps:

Switchable: 115VAC / 6 Amp, Single Phase or 230AVC / 2 Amp, Single Phase

The Megatron FAST PRO MAGIC BOX feature can save thousands of dollars in trenching and costly permit fees. Unforeseen complications like rock formations or utility lines that have to be trenched around can be avoided by using the Magic Box. This feature is a power management system that does not rely on battery power and as a result the battery life is not compromised.

Because the Magic Box does not rely on the batteries as a booster, the gate remains operational regardless of whether the batteries are malfunctioning or the batteries are removed. This technology is unique only to Maximum Controls.

One of the primary goals of the Megatron FAST PRO is to provide the most secure, easiest to maintain gate operator with higher gate speed motion and advanced loop management.

The Megatron FAST PRO uses non-volatile memory to continuously log performance characteristics and input/output events. A service technician can access this data via USB port to download the event history, quickly diagnosing complex or intermittent problems that traditionally have been very difficult to isolate and repair. By plugging a USB thumb drive into the USB port, all the Megatron’s diagnostic history will download, working as a “Black Box” to diagnose what occurred. The Megatron’s event history is stored as a .TXT document which can be emailed to the factory if necessary, for on-site diagnosis.

The .TXT file is a log of the most recent 1000 events reported by each module to the central logger.

The Megatron FAST PRO’s standard intuitive loop management system, when enabled, will discourage tailgating, increasing security for residential and high traffic installations. When the anti-tailgate switch is activated, any car tailgating a legitimate access will be forced to stop by a rapidly closing gate, forcing the tailgater to back up and thereby triggering the gate to close and deny unauthorized access.

When disabled, loop management will allow multi- access, with the gate opening on each successive trigger in the traditional loop management manner.

Anti-Vandalism/Burglar Alarm

As a security device, the Megatron FAST PRO supplies a gate tamper relay output that triggers whenever a gate has encountered an unauthorized movement. This can be configured to activate an alarm system or camera. The Megatron FAST PRO also has a gate disable feature which can disable operator open commands during a vacation or overnight for commercial applications.

The Megatron FAST PRO offers the most robust lightning protection available in the industry. The Megatron FAST PRO protects all peripheral inputs, loop inputs, power inputs, relay outputs, and all communication lines (over 44 channels of protection) in 1/1,000,000,000 of a second. With special emphasis on power supply protection, the Megatron FAST PRO is guaranteed to withstand any lighting hit more than 50 feet away. Truly protected like no other operator in the world.

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