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Maximum Controls Max Edge 1 safety edge illustration

Get the Max Edge specifications pdf by clicking the download button.
Or, see the information below to learn about features and specifications without leaving this page.

Can i order zithromax online - Where can i buy zithromax over the counter


When compliance, safety and reliability are critical.

A maintenance free, easy to install, high quality, reversing, edge sensor with a large cushioned surface area that is used in automobile manufacturing plants and other critical industrial applications. The Max Edge 1 operates at extreme temperature ranges and is perfectly suited for slide gates where safety is imperative. Paired with the MillerEdge GEM-104 sensing module, Maximum Controls offers a reliable, cost effective, slide gate edge solution for UL 325 2016 compliance.

This area is here to create space. This area is here to create space.This area is here to create space.This area is here to create space.This area is here to create space.

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  • MADE IN: Germany
  • LENGTH: 48″
  • ATTACHMENT HARDWARE: 48″ Aluminum Bar
  • ACTIVATION FORCE: Soft Touch Engagement
  • OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -25° + 75° / -13°F +167°F
  • RAINPROOF: Both ends
  • CABLE MATERIAL: Pure Matt Schwarz / Pure Matte Black
  • WARRANTY: 1 Year
Max Edge 1 Dimensions

Pair the Max Edge 1 with the
MillerEdge GEM-104 sensing module:

Miller edge GEM-104 specifications link illustration
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