MSRP: SINGLE - $3,112.50 / PAIR - $5,850.00

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MAX 1700 FS


Fail safe, back drivable manual operation upon loss of AC power or battery depletion.

The Max 1700 FS sliding gate operator is a robotic DSP controlled machine that is perfect for use in high traffic gated communities, commercial/industrial applications and public storage facilities. It is capable of moving 1700 lb. gates to a maximum gate length of 60 ft.

•Local keyed manual disconnect – allows gate to be pushed back
•Remote keyed manual disconnect – allows gate to be pushed back from outside the property by keypad or any dry contact command.
•Dynamic braking system, in closed position, will fight back if unauthorized push back is attempted.
•Audible alarm and relay out trigger when unauthorized entry (push back) is attempted.
•25 ft #40 Nickel Plated Chain & Brackets.
•Programmable virtual limit.
•Optional magnetic limits sensors available.
•Patent No. US 9,406,207 B2

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Max 1700 FS Mechanical Specifications

Specifications listed in blue are unique to Max 1700 FS

  • Max 1700 FS dimensions (18.3”W x 24.5” D x 21.3” H) 18.5”
    arm height
  • Heavy duty direct drive gear box 20:1 Size 60
  • Max 1700 FS capacity 1700lbs /60ft long gate speed 12” per second adjustable UL class I, II, III, IV
  • Direct gear drive (no internal chains, belts, or pulleys)
  • Corrosion protection: Gold zinc coating
  • Continuous Cycle at extreme temperature range. Overheating not possible
  • Intelligent ramp-up and ramp-down gate speed control for smooth operation
  • Shipping weight of Max Slide Gate Operator: Max 1700 FS (158 lbs)
  • Programmable virtual OPEN & CLOSE limit (Limits auto-set in the event of a total power loss)

Max 1700 FS Electrical Specifications

Specifications listed in blue are unique to Max 1700 FS

  • Mechanical Release: Local switch, keypad, or any dry contact relay will release dynamic braking, allowing gate to be pushed back in case of emergency
  • Brushless DC motor equivalent to 1 1/4 HP AC motor
  • Programmable gate speed controls, 16 selectable speeds
  • Automatic gate position reset system if uses optional magnet without the magnet need positive stop both gate directions
  • Modular system design for ease of service
  • Switchable 115/230 voltage selection
  • Adaptive DSP control for advanced brushless DC motion control
  • Real time performance analyzer and event log (OBD PORT and Black Box) 8000 events including the history of error failure
  • Low voltage wiring capabilities for remote power up 500 feet (no battery needed)
  • Solar ready battery module with built-in advanced solar regulator
  • Intelligent power management system with energy saver mode
  • Built in 12vdc and 24vdc outputs
  • Gold contact input connections and automobile grade connectors
  • Selectable open timer 0 to 60 seconds with ‘timer off’ option
  • -4F to 165F (-20C to +74C) operational temperature range including battery performance without needing a heater
  • Robust lightning protection up to 20KVolts and 10KAmps on all inputs and outputs (44 Channels) including loop detector input connections
  • Tunable 16 position safety obstruction sensor, auto adaptable to gate weight and size
  • Dual motor overcurrent safety shut off for additional protection
  • This operator includes a Max BC-7 battery module with minimum 100 cycles in case of power failure
  • Three modes of selectable battery backup functions
  • State machine design electronics with ultra-fast microprocessor
  • On board three button station

Max 1700 FS Security Specifications

Specifications listed in blue are unique to Max 1700 FS

  • High traffic intuitive loop managements system for better security
  • Advanced security features with built-in audible and remote alarms
  • Magnetic lock control relay outputs with selectable delay times
  • Tamper alert relay outputs triggered “on” if gate is forced open
  • Audible alarm if gate is tampered with or ERD is triggered for higher security
  • Gate partial open recorder. Programmable inputs allow partial open cycles for high traffic gates while providing complete open cycles for emergency vehicles
  • Lockable cover with key lock release to prevent intruders and vandals
  • Built-in transaction buffer for high security 8000 events as well as error messaging file
  • Gate status outputs for gate monitoring
  • Advanced anti-tailgate feature provides higher security
  • Optional chain drop sensor detects unauthorized chain drops if you will use magnets option
  • Fire Department Compliance allows gate to auto-open upon loss of AC power or battery depletion
  • Mechanical release

Max 1700 FS Safety Specifications

Specifications listed in blue are unique to Max 1700 FS

  • Adaptive obstruction sensor for much better gate safety system. 16 selectable sensitivity settings
  • UL 325/991 compliant Class I, II, III, and IV. CSA approved
  • Dynamic magnetic brake system stops the gate immediately to prevent damage to obstructions.
  • Built-in advanced entrapment protection and alarm output
  • Built-in gate-in-motion alarm for industrial applications
Corrosion control is not the most exciting topic, but can make all the difference when manufacturing an outdoor product. All gate operators are exposed to harsh climates. Temperature, moisture, and proximity to salt water will speed the rate of corrosion and compromise the structure. To guard against this corrosion, the Max 1700 FS steel chassis is treated with gold zinc. The cold rolled steel frame, which will not fracture under stress, is designed to withstand tremendous amounts of torque.

The Max 1700 FS uses interchangeable modules that are functional in any Maximum Controls gate operator. Modules such as motor controllers, logic boards, limit boxes, and even battery boxes can be swapped from one operator to another regardless of the gate operator model number.

This standardization of modules and interchangeability, coupled with the intelligence of our operating system offers a benchmark to which future gate operators will strive to achieve.

The Max Slide Gate Operator Series implements 3 various gear boxes depending on the model:

Max 1700 FS: Size 60, 20 to 1, High Efficiency, Heavy Duty Cast Iron Gearbox

The Max 1700 FS gate operator gearbox is highly efficient, producing maximum torque, maintaining a low amperage draw by reducing resistance, providing super silent operation. The rugged cast iron housing, bronze gears, and double sealed heat-treated solid shafts, have been designed by a team with over 40 years of experience in the gearbox industry.

High speed ball bearings and a synthetic oil bath keep the operator functioning flawlessly through extreme temperature ranges without need for belts, chains or pulleys; which are subject to wear, raising maintenance issues.

We invite you to compare our Maximum Controls’ gearboxes to any of those used by other manufacturers.


The typical gate operator tends to lose its set position after a period of time, but Max Sliders employ technology that eliminates this problem.

The open/close limit placement for the Max Slide Operator works using magnetic sensing technology. Limit Sensor Activators (magnets) are placed on both sides of the chain to indicate the gate’s “open” and “closed” position. The magnets trigger the sensors when they align.

The advantage of this method of limit sensing includes precise position sensing regardless of chain slack as well as eliminating many mechanical moving parts.

Max Slide Gate Operators’ magnetic sensing technology is not the operator’s sole method of determining gate limit positions. Once the open/close positions are set via Limit Sensor Activators, the primary method the operator recognizes open/close positions is with its Brushless DC Hall Effect magnetic sensing.

Hall Effect sensors, which reside in the motor, identify over thirty precise rotational positions during every inch of gate travel, utilizing the Limit Sensor Activators as an additional resource. Simultaneously employing the Hall Effect with the Limit Sensor Activators ensures the gate to open/close in the same position it was set to for years to come.

DSP Motor Control

Each Max Slide Gate Operator has a motor controller. Maximum Controls proprietary motor control technology learns the physical characteristics of a gate in order to control motion with maximum efficiency and speed. The adaptive motor control of the Max Slide Gate Operator also facilitates precision synchronization of two gates that might not be of equal weight or length. In addition to communicating with two motor controllers, a single Matrix 1 logic board allows for variable speed control within learned speed parameters.

The motor controller, using DSP technology, monitors all currents and voltages enabling 16 programmable levels of electronic obstruction sensing.

The brushless DC motor in the Max 1700 FS Slide Gate Operator uses “Hall Effect” magnetic sensing to identify over five thousand precise rotational positions during 90 degrees of gate movement. That’s over 50 samples per degree of gate travel. Using this positional feedback, intelligent ramp-up and ramp-down of the gate speed is employed to minimize stress on all mechanical components.

We utilize Hall Effect Sensors to know the position of the gate at any given moment, thus synchronizing the gates to open and close at the same speed. We combine this technology with a dynamic magnetic brake system which stops the gate instantly when colliding with an obstacle.

Our brushless DC motors can withstand and operate in extreme high temperatures up to 165F (+74C); this surpasses any other motor technology we know of in the market today.

The Max brushless DC motor’s torque is equivalent to a 1 1/4 HP AC output torque motor and can operate approximately 35,000 hours, which is about 6 million cycles. Therefore, the motor will last for decades to come. Maximum Controls stands behind our motors with a 8-year warranty.

•If the Battery Backup is set to one time open or leave open, the operator’s braking system will be released allowing the gate to be pushed back in case of catastrophic failure.

•The Electronic Gate Open / Close is used to disengage the operator’s braking system for 15 minutes with local key or remote key switch wired into the jog inputs on the motor controller.

•The Gate Shut-Off Switch can also disengage the operator’s braking system for 15 minutes.

•After 15 minutes gate operator returns to normal operation.

Direct gear drive means there are no pulleys, belts, or chains required to produce torque. Pulleys and belts are historically the weak points of gate operators and require frequent service and maintenance calls.

The Max 1700 FS uses precise magnetic sensing technology to efficiently ramp the brushless DC motor while detecting the smallest obstructions to minimize damage to the operator as well as the obstruction. Also on the Max 1700 FS is a maximum dynamic braking system that halts a moving gate instantly if an obstruction is detected. The Max 1700 FS will then automatically recover gate positions requiring no costly maintenance or service calls to resume normal operation.

The Max 1700 FS use open and close position magnets and sensors to precisely control gate travel. The patent pending magnetic chain tamper sensor provides another layer of security for the Max 1700 FS

An optional chain drop mechanism is available for the Max 1700 FS that can provide an unprecedented gate release and security feature. This patent pending system allows a user to quickly drop the chain and move the sliding gate to an open or closed position. Of course any chain drop without proper disarming will trigger an intrusion alarm. This option is very handy because Maximum Controls’ magnetic braking system makes gate push back virtually impossible. And if push back is attempted without proper disarming, the patent pending brushless DC motor feature is programmed to fight the movement and trigger the alarm.

Patent Pending

In addition, operation of the Max 1700 FS can save on energy costs. The average AC operator in a high traffic environment can cost as much as $700 a year. A similar facility using the Max 1700 FS can save as much as 55% on the gate energy cost.

A key benefit of the Max 1700 FS modular design is the ability to separate modules. The power supply module, for example, can be removed from the main chassis and installed up to 500 feet away from the operator. Regardless of whether the battery is installed or the Max PS-24 is remote, the gate remains fully operational (the battery module is used only for backup operation). This feature can save thousands of dollars in trenching and costly permit fees. Unforeseen complications like rock formations or utility lines that that can make trenching difficult are avoided by using a power management system that utilizes low voltage wiring and does not rely on battery power to operate normally. As a result, the battery life is not compromised. The Max PS-24 is designed for extended life in extreme temperatures. These technologies are unique to only Maximum Controls products.

The Max Slide Gate Operator Series battery module, the Max BC-7, contains many features necessary for gate operation during power outages and provides safe, smart trickle charging to keep the batteries ready for emergencies or overnight in off-grid use. In addition to serving as backup power during emergencies, the BC-7 contains the electronics to properly integrate a solar panel into an off-grid configuration. Also, the BC-7 supplies an on-board solar regulator as standard equipment.

Starting with the Max BC-7 front plate, three LED indicators show the current battery status of full, half, or empty. These indicators also move sequentially to indicate that the batteries are currently charging. A battery test status button, when pressed, gives you the actual condition of the batteries. Are the batteries functioning or not? No guess work here. You will know when the batteries must be replaced. When an outage does occur, an audible beep can be switched on to indicate battery backup is in use.

On the Matrix 1 board there are three modes of battery backup functionality: “Leave gate open” will continue to open and close the gate until the battery is near empty and leave the gate in the opened position. “Leave gate closed” will continue to open and close the gate until the battery is near empty, then leave the gate closed. “Open one time” will leave a gate in the open position immediately if an outage occurs. Regardless of the battery backup mode, enough energy is left in the batteries to open the gate for an emergency vehicle.

In an off-grid configuration, in addition to the solar regulator, the Max BC-7’s solar processing circuitry provides a power boost, maximizes energy harvest, and keeps a tight grip on the load control, ensuring the up to 200 watt solar panel is manipulated to its potential. Maximum Controls operators work with 80 watt panels or greater depending on the specific application. Standard 200 watt panels are supported and recommended. The solar voltage input on the BC-7 requires 24 to 35VDC.
Each Max BC-7 battery module is fitted with Yuasa batteries with an operational temperature range of -4 to 165F. These batteries offer high-energy density, sealed leak proof construction, excellent performance in float or cyclic applications, maintenance free, rechargeable, and long service life. When used with the Max Slide Gate Operator Series they offer minimum 80-100 cycles of duty before discharge.

Anti-Tailgating System/High Speed Operation

One of the primary goals of the Max 1700 FS is to provide a secure easily maintained gate operator with higher gate speed motion and advanced loop management.

The Max 1700 FS uses non-volatile memory to continuously log performance characteristics and input/output events. A service technician can access this data via USB port to download the event history, quickly diagnosing complex or intermittent problems that have been very difficult to isolate and repair in the past. A thumb drive plugged into the USB, with all history downloaded, acts as a “Black Box” to find out what happened. The Max 1700 FS’s event history is stored as a .TXT document which can be emailed to the factory for, if necessary, on site diagnosis. The .TXT file is a log of the most recent 1000 events reported by each module to the central logger.

The Max 1700 FS’s standard intuitive loop management system, when enabled, will discourage tailgating and increase security for residential and high traffic installations.

When the Anti-Tailgate switch is activated, any car tailgating a legitimate access will be forced to stop by a rapidly closing gate, forcing the tailgater to back up and thereby triggering the gate to close and deny unauthorized access. When disabled, loop management will allow multi access, with the gate opening on each successive trigger in the traditional loop management manner.

Tamper Alert and Gate Disable

A unique patent-pending feature is Tamper Alert, which triggers when an unauthorized chain-drop or gate movement has occurred. This feature is not found in any other operator on market today. For example, if the chain is severed or if the gate derails, Tamper Alert will initiate an audible alarm, simultaneously triggering an output relay that can be wired to your home alarm system or other devices with relay inputs such as a security camera posted at access point. (Wireless relay link coming soon!).

Unique to all Maximum Controls gate operators is the Gate Disable feature which disables normal open commands from devices like a keypad box or exit loop. Gate Disable prevents someone from breaking into a property by tampering with the inputs in a keypad box or triggering the exit loop with a piece of metal to open the gate. The Gate Disable feature is useful when a gated area needs to be secured from all BUT emergency vehicles and/or other authorized vehicles. When Gate Disable is turned ON it gives the occupants 3 minutes BEFORE arming, allowing enough time to leave the property. If there is an attempt to open the gate in an unauthorized manner, the gate will not open but will sound an alarm and trigger the Tamper Alert relay.

Gate Disable can be activated with a key switch or a 7-day timer. Examples for using Gate Disable would be during vacation time at a residential home or when a business is closed and no one is available to monitor the property.

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