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MSRP: $75.00

Buy zithromax azithromycin online, Order zithromax for chlamydia


& MAX 40 ft. CABLE


Stylish metal box with logical design makes the Max AC Control Box outshine our competitors. Dare to compare.

The AC Control Box features rugged metal construction that is gold zinc plated and powder coated. Each AC Control Box comes with an exterior UL reset button, a convenient jog key switch for emergency access or egress, a 10 amp power supply with two 115 VAC accessory outlets, two 7 amp hour batteries conveniently located behind the control panel, a loop rack and much more. A lockable steel cover finishes off this handsome design.

A convenient LCD display keeps you informed. Functional data and error messages are visible when an accessory failure or function is present. This makes troubleshooting and function monitoring a breeze.

These many features can be explored in our downloadable installation manual available by clicking button below.




High quality 5 conductor 16-gauge wire for secondary communication.

  • Underground cable.
  • 5 conductor.
  • 16 Awg.
  • Stranded.

This area is here to create space. This area is here to create space.This area is here to create space.This area is here to create space.This area is here to create space.

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