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Aeromax 100

Purchase zithromax - Buy zithromax with paypal

Get Aeromax 100 Specifications and Installation Manual pdfs by clicking the download buttons.
Or, read about the intercom's features below without leaving this page.

Purchase zithromax - Buy zithromax with paypal


Hands free, full duplex audio with background noise immunity. Powerful 900MHZ technology.

The Aeromax 100 is Maximum Controls indoor long-range wireless intercom desktop unit. It is capable of long-range audio communication up to 4000 ft (direct line of site). Super-clear hands-free full duplex audio based on 900 MHZ (1000mW) technology which is used for military application and can penetrate through buildings, trees, walls and any weather conditions. Works with all electric gate openers (Apollo, Chamberlain, etc.) Combine with outdoor Aeromax model #s 200 and 200K.



This area is here to create space. This area is here to create space.This area is here to create space.This area is here to create space.This area is here to create space.

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  • Full-duplex speakerphone with background noise immunity
  • Dual “strike” relays for controlling two independent access points
  • “Request–To–Exit “ (RTE) switch support
  • Standard stainless steel housing.
  • Multiple outdoor and indoor units can be utilized within a facility
  • Each outdoor unit can be assigned a unique “access point ID”
  • Aux input port for “auto calling” inside unit after detecting a vehicle at entry way
  • Designed to easily utilize solar panels for power in remote wire-free applications
  • Long range audio communication: up to 4000 feet (direct line-of-site)
  • Robust radio communication with excellent interference immunity against
    walkie-talkies cell phones, pagers and handsets, 900 MHZ technology (1000 mW)
  • Reliable wireless performance: secure communication link–proprietary encryption
  • 10 selectable channels for cross-talk immunity between adjacent facilities
  • Simple “dashboard-like” interface that visually guides installer
  • Signal QUALITY LED (bar graph) – indicates radio range performance
  • Signal LEVEL LED (multi-color) – indicates radio signal strength
  • Status LEDs for each terminal – for easy installation & troubleshooting
  • Built-in lightning protection on ALL terminals – immune to 20KVolts,
    10KAmps Surges
  • Operating Temp Range: -40 to +158 F
  • Vandal-resistant stainless steel outdoor enclosure with illuminated “call” button
  • Two different choices for outdoor wireless intercoms: one with keypad, one without.
  • Two different choices for indoor wireless intercoms: surface mount indoor enclosure or desk top unit.
  • Made in USA – FCC approved
  • Piezoelectric technology, laser marked keypad graphics—
    3 programmable outputs, long lasting keypad is immune to dust and water damage
  • 2-year warranty


  1. Install power transformer
  2. Adjust speaker volume
  3. Select radio channel (0-9)
  4. Select relays strike time
  5. Select access point number
  6. Check radio range signal
  7. Connect contact inputs
  8. Connect relay terminals




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